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Gavin Grant leaves RSPCA with immediate effect

Gavin Grant, the embattled chief executive of the RSPCA has left his post.

The charity said he had left with "immediate effect" because of concerns with his health.

His short tenure was marked by crisis including the organisation facing questions from the Charity Commission over whether the RSPCA's prosecutions had become "political."

There was also concern after he suggested farmers involved in the badger cull should be named and shamed.


A leaked internal memo revealed last year that trustees feared donations and legacies could be affected because of its stance.


Clarissa Dickson Wright, the cook and countryside campaigner, last year called for people to give up donating to the charity until they gave up their political agenda.

The star of the Two Fat Ladies stated publically that she felt the charity had lost its way. She said: "I think that it would do them no harm if people stopped donating and told them why they had stopped to see if they changed their threatening policies.”

She said the charity, which had been well set up, had been caught up in prosecuting cases involving people they think are trapping foxes and keeping our rabbits.

She added: "They are not concentrating on what they should be doing, on what they do well. It has been taken over by the politicos at the top.”


Countryside Alliance director of campaigns, Tim Bonner, said: “We do not comment on individual appointments, but we do hope that this is a signal that that the RSPCA is going to focus on the laudable work it has traditional undertaken in promoting animal welfare rather than using charitable donations for pursuing a political agenda.”