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Emergency Authorisation for 2014

The Emergency Authorisation (EA) has been issued by the Chemicals Regulation Department (CRD), and this confirms that asulam will be available to control bracken during the 2014 season, which will start on 1st July.




Subject to label conditions, the 2014 EA gives approval for the application of asulam using:

  • helicopter,
  • tractor / vehicle mounted spray booms and boomless sprayers, or
  • knapsack sprayer / hand lance for spot or overall application.

The use of weed wipers and drift sprayers (e.g. the Micron ULVA) and spot applicators is not authorised.  

Dates for the 2014 Season


19 May 2014                                                        Start of the Emergency Authorisation period of 120 days.

 Storage, promotion, sales, and transfer authorised.



1 July 2014                                                           Application of asulam products can commence.


15 September 2014                                            First expiry date: for sale & distibution of stocks.

Application can continue

31 October 2014                                                  Final expiry date: for disposal, storage and use of stocks.

It will be illegal to apply or store asulam products after this date.



A list of contractors is being drawn up for inclusion on the bracken control website.  If there is anyone who would like to be included in this list, who has not already been contacted, please get in touch.  The list will cover those providing herbicide or  mechanical control options.

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