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National firearm licensing campaign launched

National firearm licensing campaign launched

Published 13 October 2014
A national firearm licensing campaign has been launched today (Monday 13th October). Police Scotland supports the campaign which aims to promote and educate firearm and shotgun certificate holders on the security of their weapons.


Police Scotland would like to encourage the public to bring to the attention of police, anyone, but especially those within the shooting community who could be vulnerable to criminal or terrorist activities. 

Alongside this, Police are encouraging the shooting community and wider public, to watch for signs of behavioural change in friends or fellow shooters as an early warning that something is not quite right and they may need help. Illness or sudden change in personal circumstances can impact people differently. 

This initiative is not about catching the shooting community out, but working with them to raise awareness of security issues and encouraging them to report concerns they have about fellow shooters in order that we can help and support them. 


Further information on the security of firearms, shotguns and air weapons can be found on the Home Office website.

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