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Response to Bonomy report into Protection of Wild Animals act

The Countryside Alliance has welcomed the publication of the Bonomy Review into the protection of wild mammals Scotland Act 2002 which deals with hunting with dogs which has been published today.  

Scottish Countryside Alliance director Jamie Stewart, said: "We are pleased that the inquiry has recognised the importance of gun packs for fox control and has rejected  unjustified calls for further restrictions.  

"In particular, we are pleased that Lord Bonomy, makes  so clear the important role that gun packs play in managing the fox population and that any restriction on their activity could "seriously compromise effective pest control in the country". 

"Whilst we do not agree that there is a significant problem with the enforcement of the current legislation, and note that as recently as January 2016 Police Scotland confirmed to MSPs that there 'is no evidence to suggest that the mounted foxhound packs that exist are acting outwith the legislation that is in place at the moment', gun packs have always been very happy to work closely with the authorities.  

"We therefore  look forward to working with statutory bodies in the development of a separate code of practice for control activities as recommend by the inquiry. 

"Given the recognition in the report of the importance of the use of gun packs in fox control it is vitally important that any changes to the legislation should not undermine their operation. Any such changes to the law should facilitate a return to the settled and agreed position that had been in place since the Act was passed in 2002."


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