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Rob Gibson MSP: Amending stage of the Land Reform Bill – a time for sustainable development

Rob Gibson SNP MSP and Convener of the Rral Affairs, Climate Change and the Environment committee (RACCE) speaks out in his support for radical Land Reform measures

Radical ammendments laid down

Mr Gibson chose to air his views via the left-wing Common Space website on Tuesday the 19th of January, the day before his committee started its inquiry at the second stage of the Bill’s passage through Holyrood.

Mr Gibsons comments came ahead of the announcement from Land reform minister Aileen McLeod on 49 amendments to the Land Reform Bill, which she said would ensure the proposals are “far-reaching and best-deliver for the people of Scotland”.

Mr Gibson’s views as a land reform supporter are “well known” but his latest comments leave no doubt where his allegiance lie.    

he was qouted in saying said "I can see that the land owners and their organisations have been hyperactive, applying various tactics. I have never heard from so many Lords, Earls and Dukes in my life" 

"Their interests are in letting land to maximise income while allegedly offering minimum security for their tenants. Feeding the nation appears to be a poor second, argues Hetherington, to keeping a grasp of every acre of Scotland’s soil where so very few own so very much"

SCA Director for Scotland Jamie Stewart said: "I am disappointed in Mr Gibson's comments, particularly coming ahead of the RACCE committee meeting. It would seem that he has already made up his mind". " The bill as proposed will end a business rates exemption for shooting and deer stalking and see far reaching consequences for downstream businesses who deppend on these sporting activities. It would seem that the  SNP rebels from last years party conference  was like a cattle prod to the Scottish Government"

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