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SCA has grave concerns about Scottish land reform recommendations

Scotland’s Land Reform Review Group, a Government study set up to look into how land is distributed, has published its findings.

Within its 62 recommendations the review group advocates a limit on the area of land that can be held by private owners and a change to the current tax system to disrupt the pattern of large scale private land ownership. 

The review group considered that there was no clear public interest case in maintaining the current universal exemption of agriculture, forestry and other land-based businesses from non-domestic rates. It also recommended that the Government reviews the current exemptions from sporting rates for such businesses and introduces a reformed rates system as appropriate in the public interest.

Scottish Countryside Alliance director Jamie Stewart said: “We will take time to review the document in its entirety before making full comment but on first reading we are very concerned.

“Although we wholeheartedly support greater community involvement in land ownership/management we fear that the proposed changes will seriously damage private investment in Scotland which will put the jobs and livelihoods of thousands of people in the most marginal rural communities in Scotland at risk.

“We will continue to work with the Scottish Government to achieve the best outcome for the public interest.”

To access the full report: click

For more information, contact Countryside Alliance director for Scotland Jamie Stewart on 01890 818554/07825 736903 or [email protected]

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