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Scottish Countryside Alliance responds to the Scottish Environment LINK wildlife crime report

Jamie Stewart Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) director said: “We share the stated desire of the Scottish Environmental LINK report – to eradicate wildlife crime in Scotland in its many guises.

“However it is unfortunate and extremely disappointing that this collaboration of self interest groups have failed to engage with those that are actively involved in tackling wildlife crime - the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAWS). 

“We strongly agree with the Crown in their condemnation of this ill-informed report which is based on flawed methodology and speculation. Scotland has the strongest laws on wildlife crime in the UK, including the ability to prosecute under vicarious liability, recently successfully used in the Scottish courts.

“As one of the partner organisations that make up PAWS we have observed first-hand the efforts of the Scottish Government to reduce wildlife crime and through partnership participation we have seen illegal actions against wildlife reducing in recent years and incidents recorded by Police Scotland dropping annually.

“Ironically, although poaching of deer, hare and salmon are the most common forms of wildlife crime reported those who represent the game industry are excluded from LINK. We believe that is an area of wildlife crime that needs to be prioritised.”

“The Scottish Countryside Alliance fully supports a well-trained Police Scotland and advocates investment in specialist police officers and Procurators Fiscal to deal with wildlife crimes.”

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