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Scottish Countryside Alliance supports campaign against wildlife crime

The Scottish Countryside Alliance welcomes the publication of the 2014 Wildlife Crime report by Aileen McLeod MSP Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform.

The report published today (30 September) is the third report on wildlife crime in Scotland, but the first from Dr McLeod.

The Minister reported that there has been considerable public interest in wildlife crime, in particular the persecution of birds of prey and hunting with dogs, and therefore included a specific section on the latter. 

Scottish Countryside Alliance director Jamie Stewart said: ”We are encouraged to read that recorded crime against wildlife has fallen across the board with the exception of poaching. As an active member of PAW Scotland, the Scottish Countryside Alliance is fully committed to the eradication of wildlife crime and supports the Minister to this end.

“We have not however seen any evidence to support the Minister’s suggestion that there is considerable public concern about hunting with dogs. The analysis clearly demonstrates that both complaints and offences relating to hunting are at a very low level.

"Foxhound packs throughout Scotland offer a much needed, and legal, wildlife control service to those farming sheep and poultry and managing game. The statistical analysis confirms that this is clearly carried out within the law.

“The Scottish Countryside Alliance and our members will work to help the Scottish Government and the Minister tackle wildlife crime.”

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