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Show us where you're testing your signal

Test the mobile reception in your area


To encourage you all to get out and about to test the mobile phone reception in your area we are offering prizes for the most unusual pictures you send in of you testing your signal.

 Maybe you’re in an unusual place, on the back of your horse, up in a balloon or you’ve attached your phone to a sheep – we don’t care, just get out there… and don’t forget to email us the evidence!

Send your pictures to [email protected] and each week we will chose the best to be included on the website and win a prize – from free membership to tickets to the CLA Game Fair. 

To test the mobile phone reception in your area, download the Rootmetrics apponto your smartphone or tablet from the iTunes app store, or Google Play.


It tests the signal where you are and will help us map out the true picture of mobile reception in the countryside. The more times and places you test the signal the better.

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