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The Hunt. A new Perspective

Crowds flock to market squares and village meets across Scotland on New Years day to demonstrate support for their local foxhound pack.

This annual spectacle is an opportunity for Scotland’s registered foxhound packs to thank all those who support them, from the farmers and landowners over whose land they operate, to their subscribers and the public, whose enthusiasm and support for mounted fox control shows no signs of waning.




A survey of registered foxhound packs has found that 70% have more women participants and 54% have more young people than they did ten years ago. Over 94% had members in every age category.


Countryside Alliance’s Director for Scotland Jamie Stewart said: “There are very few activities which demonstratively bring the generations and genders together and many packs meeting today will have active participants of every age with many children riding out with their parents and grandparents for the first time.”


“In addition to the most welcome age demographics, the use of social media has brought the reality of the activity to the attention of a greater number of people than ever before and offers us the opportunity to broadcast the truth about our activities as many who would see it end try to influence the public and decision makers with misleading and disingenuous information.




We hope you enjoy the short film and welcome your feedback











The Hunt. A new perspective is a PACE brothers production

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