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The Scottish Countryside Alliance welcomes the news as Scotland’s Red Kite numbers grow.

The Scottish Countryside Alliance welcomes the news as Scotland’s Red Kite numbers grow.




In a recent report Scottish Natural Heritage has recorded a welcome increase in red kite numbers throughout much of Scotland but reported that the numbers were not as high as they could be in parts of the north citing accidental rodenticide poisoning and persecution as limiting factors.


Jamie Stewart Scottish Countryside Alliance director said:  “We welcome the news that the number of red kites in Scotland is increasing.  The theory and practice of modern gamekeeping is centred on conservation and a respect for biodiversity. Modern gamekeepers are increasingly expected, and more often than not welcome the opportunity to work on conservation initiatives benefiting wildlife, the environment and rural communities. 


We are disappointed to read the SNH assessment of the population and the projections that could have been achieved had it not been for several factors, including accidental poisoning from rodenticide and persecution.


We wholeheartedly committed to the Scottish Government led pesticide disposal scheme last year and are extremely disappointed that accidental poisoning by legal rodenticide features highly in the death of Red Kites.

Wildlife crime is not acceptable in a modern Scotland and this is why we are doing our bit to end the illegal killing of birds of prey and working in partnership with the Scottish Government and stakeholders to achieve that. Scotland already has the strongest wildlife legislation in the UK and earlier this year, the Scottish Parliament supported proposals to introduce tough new maximum penalties for those who commit crimes against wildlife.

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