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Views Sought on Scotland's Wild Fisheries Review

Over the last 60 years there have been many reviews that have highlighted important issues that need to be addressed in the management of Scotland’s wild fisheries (salmon and freshwater fisheries). However, limited real change has been delivered and, as confirmed in an independent recent baseline report for the Scottish Government, the existing wild fisheries management system is not fit for purpose in the 21st century.


Scottish Ministers made a commitment to support and protect our famous and valuable salmon and freshwater fisheries and to modernise the management structures. The Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Act 2013 was the first stage in delivering this commitment and it implements work that had already been prepared to update the legislative framework for salmon fisheries, and modernised governance arrangements. Ministers also committed to an independent review of the management of all of Scotland’s wild fisheries as the next stage in delivery of the manifesto commitment and to support further development of the sector.

On submission to Paul Wheelhouse MSP Minister for Environment and Climate Change Andrew Thin Chair of the Wild Fisheries Review was Andrew Thin, the current chairman of Scottish Canals and former chair of Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) stated that the review focussed on the requirements of a modern, evidence-based fishery management system and that the review panel were confident that they had collectively provided the foundations of a robust and sustainable approach to managing our wild fisheries in the years ahead that represented a sensible set of modernising steps for a sector that already delivers a great deal of value to this country. Andrew Thin doesnt think that the recommendations contained in the report are revolutionary. Do You. Tell us your thoughts.


The full report and a synopsis of the recommendations can be viewed here

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