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Dongles for Durness

The Scottish Countryside Alliance and Three Mobile working together for the Countryside


The Scottish Countryside Alliance and Three Mobile have launched an initiative to give almost 4 million megabytes of free mobile broadband to people and businesses across the Scottish Highlands.  The project will give away 20 devices to community hubs, families and local businesses in northern coastal areas of Melvich and Durness, as well as connecting the port at Invergordan.


The Rural Broadband Working Group is a UK-wide initiative which works closely with local politicians to identify not-spots and other areas with a need for broadband.  Once these communities are highlighted, local businesses and families are given free access to mobile broadband for a year using Three’s network. 


The initiative in the Highlands is the first time the group has operated in Scotland and will connect communal areas in the Durness, Melvich and Invergordon, including a community hall, a hotel, shop, two cafes, six families and local business-people. All participants will be being given a year’s free mobile broadband access to use with laptops and other internet connected devices, as well as creating free-to-use public mobile internet hotspots in community areas.  This will be done by providing mobile broadband ‘dongles’ and MiFi units which work with any laptop or Wifi-enabled device.


As well as the social and educational benefits broadband brings, the initiative will also help local communities save thousands of pounds each year, with research by the Post Office suggesting families with broadband access can save up to £840 every 12-months by being connected. 




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