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Innovation fund to boost rural broadband solutions

The Government has pledged that 95 per cent of the UK will be connected to superfast broadband by 2017. The new fund aims to help the final 5% not currently part of the £1.1bn national programme.


The Scottish Countryside Alliance has long believed that a range of technologies, such as mobile, satellite and wi-fi connections, should be used to deliver broadband to those remote areas that fibre optic provision is unlikely to reach.


Jamie Stewart, Countryside Alliance Director for Scotland said : “Broadband connectivity is as important to those living in rural Scotland as a connection to water or electricity. “

 “We hope this fund will ensure the roll-out of broadband happens as swiftly as possible, so as to ensure the digital divide does not grow any wider and enable rural communities and businesses to compete economically and socially with their urban counterparts.

£10m however is just a drop in the ocean, especially since connecting up rural areas is traditionally more costly due to sparse populations that make a return on any investment much more difficult to achieve.” We continue to work with the Mobile and Satellite Operators and will press Westminster and Holyrood in a bid to have Scotland’s disadvantaged communities prioritised.


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Reform Review Groups call for evidence

Friday, 15 March 2013

Scottish Countryside Alliance welcomes the opportunity to debate Land Reform

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Scottish Master of Foxhounds Association (SMFHA) HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Scottish Master of Foxhounds Association (SMFHA)

HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY This policy has been prepared and published under the requirements of Health & Safety at Work legislation. The purpose of the policy is to establish general standards for health and safety at work and to distribute responsibility for their achievement to all managers, supervisors, and other employees through the normal line management processes
For further information, contact Jamie Stewart on 01890 818554/07825 736903 or email [email protected]
You can find the document here for download


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