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European Commission Consultation – Respond to Prevent Restrictions on Shooting

The European Commission  public Firearms consolation


The European Commission has recently launched a public consolation with the intention of tackling gun crime within the EU. The Commission’s main objective with this consultation “on a common approach to reducing the harm caused by criminal use of firearms in the EU” is to obtain the public’s opinion on whether the EU should introduce more restrictive rules on the legal acquisition and possession of civilian firearms. 

Everyone across the EU would be united in any measures that reduce gun crime, which by definition is illegal. However, there are serious concerns that any new EU wide legislation is likely to have a direct impact on the ability of those who legitimately posses firearms for shooting sports. New rules and regulations will affect every sporting shooter in Europe and also impact the sporting gun trade.

The Countryside Alliance believes that firearms licensing issues are best dealt with at a national level where governments and law enforcement are able to tackle localised issues. In the United Kingdom the combined work of the police, the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NaBIS), firearms licensing, UK boarder agency and the application of stringent legislation are more than sufficient in tackling the serious issue of illegal gun crime. Any further restriction(s), either at a National or International level, is unlikely do anything to prevent further the criminal use of guns, but it will certainly restrict legitimate firearm users.   

It is inevitable that those who are opposed to firearms or shooting sports will reply to this consultation in order to gain further restrictions on their ownership and use. As the European Commission are using this consultation as a litmus test for public opinion, they are most likely to formulate new legislation if the majority of responses call for such restriction. It is therefore essential that there is an equal show of force from legitimate firearm users and their supporters.

The Countryside Alliance therefore urges everyone who participates in any shooting sport, including their family and friends, to take part in this consultation. The online consultation only takes a few minutes and it is suggested that you reply “1” to every answer if you oppose any further restriction.



The deadline to reply to the consultation is 17th June 2013. Your support is important to prevent yet further unnecessary restrictions on our shooting. 

To complete the consultation, follow the link below:


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