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The Scottish Countryside Alliance believes that all rural communities deserve vibrant local schools, busy community owned village halls, and new and growing business resources and services. We believe that Scotland’s communities can form a wealth of opportunity from the development of our vast natural resources and by fully exploiting the new opportunities that are emerging from the sustainable management of our environment, whether that is a growing forest estate or the expansion of local biomass energy generation from food or farm waste, create sustainable lifestyles for all ages within our rural landscape.

Supporting Shooting

Shooting does not face an outright ban – yet. However, we should never forget that shooting faces regular threats whether through restrictions on the guns we use, the ammunition we fire, the birds we rear, the land we use or our very presence in the countryside we love.

Supporting Hunting

The Scottish hunting community are rightly proud of their achievements. Having come through an all-encompassing campaign fighting to save the sport and in many cases livelihoods, they emerged from the fight on February 13, 2002, blooded but unbeaten. Ten years later, we must recognise and commend the resilience of hunting folk – the fact that we still have a form of fox hunting in Scotland is testament to the determination of the people involved.

Economics benefits to rural Scotland

There has long been a perception that angling for game and coarse fish is important to the Scottish economy. In August 2001 a report entitled Scotland’s Freshwater Fish and Fisheries: Securing their Future, gave an in-depth economic analysis of the sector. reporting that angling is valuable to Scotland, and particularly to rural Scotland.

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Government must act now to improve Firearms Law

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Countryside Alliance has warned the Government not to miss an opportunity to do something positive for the shooting community. Amendments to the Policing and Crime Bill which would make some important technical changes to existing firearms legislation were debated yesterday (Tuesday 26 April) in the House of Commons.

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Big rural debate thrashes out array of rural issues

Friday, 8 April 2016

Rural issues and potential solutions were brought to the fore of the Scottish election campaign at the largest National Rural Hustings for seventeen years.

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Monday, 21 March 2016

SCA condemns raptor persecution but longer term trends will tell the true story of bird crime

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Sahpe of things to Come

Scotland’s Land Reform Bill Passes Stage 3

Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Land Reform Bill which passed its Stage 3 debate in Holyrood yesterday was feistier than the Scottish government originally proposed, but less than the Land Reform Review Group (LRRG) recommended back in 2014.

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Scotland’s Land Reform Bill will damage rural communities, says Countryside Alliance

Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Land Reform Bill passed its Stage 3 debate in Holyrood yesterday (16 March). It includes a number of changes that the Scottish Countryside Alliance believes will be bad for rural businesses and communities. 
SCA Director Scotland Jamie Stewart commented: “We are very disappointed in the passing of the bill and more so in that so many well thought through amendments were rejected out of hand.  It simply defies logic to reinstate sporting rates on a business where the direct and indirect income generates sustainable employment in some of Scotland’s most fragile communities. This effect is only compounded when competing businesses, many already supported by government subsidies continue to trade exempt from business rates.  

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SCA at the Party Conferences

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The SCA was the only organisation to host events about rural affairs at this year’s conferences and our meetings asked delegates from the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and SNP to consider “who are the real conservationists?” The conservation debate has become increasingly ideological driven and our meetings were designed to highlight the work of those who farm, fish and shoot to the preservation of the Scottish countryside

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Dr Aileen McLeod address to Scottish Land Owners

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Members of Scottish Land & Estates are firmly of the view that the use of land is as important – perhaps more – as who owns it. We believe in diversity of ownership and no matter who owns land, making the most of it for widespread benefit is a common goal. One thing that is certain is that we cannot make any more land.
Therefore the privilege of managing, using and owning land comes with further responsibilities to wider society and that is something we at Scottish Land & Estates recognise and is highlighted in our Landowner’s Commitment.

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