Countryside Alliance is the rural campaigning organisation. We champion the economic, social and environmental contributions the countryside makes to our economy and quality of life.

Our charity, The Countryside Alliance Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunities for the public, particularly disadvantaged children and young people, to enjoy the countryside and the wealth of educational, health and wellbeing benefits it offers.

We need your help

Help us protect the countryside and campaign for causes and interests you care about for future generations to enjoy. 

How to leave a legacy to the Countryside Alliance/Foundation

If or when the time is right for you to include a gift in your will please remember us. Each gift means a great deal, whether you choose the Countryside Alliance or The Countryside Alliance Foundation.

The Countryside Alliance Foundation is a registered charity. This means you could reduce the inheritance tax liability on your estate, or avoid it completely if your gift brings the value of your estate below the inheritance tax threshold. The rate of inheritance tax can change and we would suggest you consult a professional advisor.

Seek legal advice

We would recommend that you speak to a solicitor or legal adviser to make sure your wishes are stipulated correctly in your will. Writing a will ensures that all your assets are dealt with correctly and items going to the people you wish to receive them.

Your solicitor can explain the different options available when considering leaving a gift in your will. If you choose to leave a gift to Countryside Alliance/ Foundation in your will, your solicitor will need our full name and address:

1 Spring Mews, Tinworth Street, London, SE11 5AN.

If you choose to leave a gift to The Countryside Alliance Foundation your solicitor will also need the Foundation’s registered charity number (1121034) in addition to our address.

Help us grow long into the future

If you are thinking of leaving us a gift and would like some advice or would like to talk through your plans, please contact us on 020 7840 9212, email or complete the online form below.

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